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How do you wear men's moccasins?

Men's moccasins are versatile footwear suitable for all seasons, although traditionally they are the must-have of the spring-summer period, ideal to always combine with a pair of Bermuda shorts. But to avoid being obvious, the advice is to also combine them with a pair of white trousers and a linen shirt, especially in the boat moccasin version. For a more formal look, the perfect match is with dark trousers (even jeans), straight leg or regular fit trousers and a light shirt. However, pairing with classic light blue jeans is not recommended.

What socks to wear with men's moccasins?

In addition to the classic extra short sock (foot liner) that cannot be seen, long socks of various colors, made of cotton and lisle, are recommended, especially in formal events such as weddings and ceremonies. In Italian territory it is generally strictly forbidden to wear men's moccasins with white socks, this practice could instead be 'fashionable' abroad especially if you wear moccasins instead of sandals (Germany). Discover our men's socks

How to choose men's moccasins?

Moccasins are generally considered a casual garment but are also suitable for more formal outfits thanks to the numerous variations available: boat moccasins or slip ons with rubber soles are ideal for more sporty looks, while moccasins in the penny loafer version, with bite crotch or with tassels with leather sole can fully fall into the categories of elegant men's shoes, ideal for more formal situations. Few know it but this type of footwear was born thanks to the Native American Indians who wrapped their feet with a piece of soft leather: humble origins for a shoe that has been able to transform itself into an icon of style and elegance.